Layout & Design Service in Action

Client: W&W Nursery – Faced with an outdated garden center layout and old wooden displays, W&W Nursery was ready for an update. Their current displays were tall, heavy, and difficult for customers to shop, while the flow of the layout caused shoppers to miss key areas of the store. See how we helped….

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The Importance of Flexibility in Retail

With the ever-changing challenges posed by protecting shoppers’ and workers’ health, retailers are constantly asking how stores need to shop or look this year, and if our current reality is the new normal. How you prepare for the upcoming selling seasons is going to be important….

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Setup Your Retail Space for Social Distancing

With stay-at-home orders mostly behind us, the social distancing requirement of a 6-foot perimeter between everyone is still a continuing reality. This may mean that retailers will need…

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Broken Retail: Storefront

Retailers need to capitalize on the opportunity to prove that they are worth the time and money consumers spend with them. Taking the time to ensure that your storefront and front porch areas reflect that thoughtfulness is the first step in creating a great first impression with customers….

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Grocery Live Goods & Floral Hardware Seasonal Retail

5 Ways Retailers Can Generate More Foot Traffic

“Traditional retail is dead,” everyone says. “E-commerce is the future.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite the explosion of digital, shoppers still favor brick-and-mortar over…

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Versatility on the Retail Floor

Client: Venezia Garden Center Vision: Venezia Garden Center is in the fickle northwest climate where seasons are quick to change, and therefore product needs to be constantly rotated….

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Live Goods & Floral Hardware

Store Fixture Makeover for Small Chain

Client: Hydro Grow Room Garden Supply Vision: Hydro Grow Room is a small chain with three stores serving the new and emerging market of hydroponic and organic growing…

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General Merchandise Hardware

Semi-Permanent P.O.P Display

Client: Greek Occasions Vision: Establish an elevated P.O.P. solution to be used at Barnes and Noble College stores nationwide and in future partnerships. Project Scope: The project scope…

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General Merchandise Seasonal Retail

Make Impact in Small Spaces

Client: Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh Vision: Enhance a small retail space inside a museum that can be adapted for several locations, sizes, and rotating product mix. Project Scope:…

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General Merchandise Apparel and Footwear

Live Goods Parking Lot Program

Client: McKay’s Hardware Vision: A husband and wife hardware store team wanted to expand their customer base and attract new customers by offering seasonal live goods products. They…

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