Two Digital Retail Trends Which Threaten To Depersonalize Shopping

Retail must adjust to innovation to ensure short-term competitiveness and long-term viability. Companies adapting to technological change have reaped the benefits, becoming winners in an increasingly competitive market….

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General Merchandise

Three Benefits of a Modular Display System

According to a study conducted by research OgilvyAction, well executed displays are more than twice as effective than price cuts when trying to stimulate impulse buys. Understanding the…

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Successful Strategies Garden Retailers Use to Improve the Shopping Experience

The retail industry is changing, and customer buying decisions have been the primary driver in how retailers are connecting with shoppers. Although garden retailers have not been impacted…

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Live Goods & Floral

Come on, Man: A Folding Table Is NOT a Merchandising Strategy

Generally speaking, folding tables are lightweight and useful. They’re ideal for a kindergartener’s lemonade stand, and they’re handy for picnics with Aunt Edna and Cousin Earl, but NOT for today’s successful retail brands!…

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