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We create retail display fixtures to support and enrich your bright ideas and evolving business.

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What Sets Us Apart

versaitility and ease of use


You can assemble our versatile retail display solutions without tools, so they’re ready to go in minutes – like 6 minutes – and are ideal for both pop-ups and brick-and-mortar stores. With our kit-of-parts system, we offer thousands of display configurations. (Don’t worry – we’ll help you choose!)

durability and eco friendliness


Our heavy-duty plastic is extremely durable and has excellent longevity. For many customers, an SPC retail display can last decades! Because our products are made with post-consumer recycled plastic, you can be kind to the earth by recycling them after many years of reliable use.

attentive service and superior value


When you work with SPC Retail, you can expect excellent service and value. We’ll maximize your budget by fitting your store with quality displays that deliver both functionality and style. Regardless of the size of your project, we provide expert consulting, design, and attentive service from our inspired team.

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