A Better Way To Do Clearance Tables

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The words “clearance sale” can send a shopper’s heart into a flutter. It means some great deals are waiting to happen. The same two words hold a different meaning for a retail business. Those words usually mean it’s time to balance inventory, promotions and prices to maintain profit levels.

Too often, the clearance table display is exactly that: A solitary table with all the offered sale items piled on, in no particular order, under a bland “clearance” sign. Within no time, a few shoppers have poked through the offered items and left them in an even greater disarray than before. Subsequent shoppers barely give these eyesores a second glance.

At the end of the week, you’re left staring at a jumbled mess of unsold product and scratching your head, wondering where you went wrong.

Upgrade Your Clearance Display

If your clearance table has become a wasteland of neglected product, consider upgrading to a display that’s mobile and has space for stacking products in an attractive, orderly fashion.

Varying shelf heights gives the display interesting appeal and allows for more inventive arrangements of the items themselves. Caster wheels on the bottom make the entire display mobile so it can be easily moved to different locales in the store. Line up a variety of these displays to make an entire aisle of bargains.

Power Aisles Just Got Serious

Power aisles too often end up being endless rows of hanging racks or folding tables. These aren’t the most inviting displays; in fact, they may be turning away potential customers. Design your power aisles to deliver a powerful visual impact, one that invites customers to stop, give your products a look, then take advantage of your fantastic sale price.

Try step displays to showcase all the products you have in a specific category, such as kitchen gadgets or bathroom accessories. You can stack merchandise on the back of the display or hang associated cloth goods, such as kitchen towel sets or bathrobes.

Shelving with adjustable heights can be quickly reset to accommodate merchandise of differing sizes. This type of display works great for displaying general merchandise in a power aisle arrangement. Combine these with other displays to create a powerful focal cluster that’s ideal for holiday or seasonal products.

Re-Energize Your Displays Through Re-Envisioning

Release the power of your imagination when visualizing your clearance sections or power aisle displays. Some easy upgrades to your display stands and racks can bring new energy to your promotional and clearance sales.

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