Our Portfolio

It’s easy to see why retailers choose SPC Retail®. Browse our portfolio to discover how our versatile, durable, and affordable retail displays have reimagined spaces in industries across the board.

Considering SPC Retail for your display needs? Check out our work in your industry.

Our work in action:

Display of grilling products in a grocery store


Captivate your customer from the moment they enter your store, with bold yet practical display solutions from SPC Retail®. Indoors or out, SPC’s retail display solutions put your grocery product first.

From front porch live goods and outdoor merchandising to indoor product stories, make your grocery store a unique and compelling space.

Display of windshield wiper fluid outside of a convenience store


When your customers are in and out in a hurry, it’s important that your store be organized efficiently. With SPC Retail®, optimize your convenience store’s layout without sacrificing style or quality displays.

Keep your product at the center while you keep your customer moving. For small merchandise or bulk items, discover a new outdoor merchandising strategy as your convenience products will stand out on SPC solutions that make shopping your products easy.

Display of potted plants inside a greenhouse.

Live Goods & Floral

As they weather the elements with steadfast performance, our uniquely durable display units are popular in the live goods and floral industry. Find display solutions perfect for greenhouses, garden centers, and floral departments—from one season to the next.

Whether you want to showcase gardening tools and fertilizer, or enhance the natural beauty of potted plants, SPC Retail® displays inspire layouts that elevate the shopping experience.

Displays of general merchandise in a store

General Merchandise

With display solutions from SPC Retail®, you can organize your general merchandise to create an intriguing, efficient space. Invigorate your store with adaptable solutions that highlight your product and tell a story.

Select from our merchandising options to carefully curate a space that inspires shoppers with striking yet unobtrusive displays. Now’s the time to make your space your own.

Multiple sportswear displays around an indoor track

Apparel and Footwear

Reinvigorate your apparel and footwear store with standout displays from SPC Retail®. Our easy-to-assemble merchandising solutions help you find new ways to put your product at the forefront.

Let’s breathe new life into your retail space.

Display of rakes in front of a hardware store


From home improvement materials to lawn and garden supplies, your hardware store will be rejuvenated with retail displays from SPC Retail®. Whether you’re a big box chain or mom and pop store, our unique displays create an engaging environment for your customers by keeping your space arranged in a welcoming fashion.

Together, we can find a display solution that works perfectly for your hardware products.

Health and fitness displays at Fit2Run

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty presents retailers with a challenge: How can you showcase your diverse product but also make it easy for shoppers to navigate? SPC Retail® is the answer, offering display solutions that are modular and easily configured to present products and brand in a vivid and efficient manner.

Together, we’ll create an alluring display for your health and beauty products.

Pet supplies setup on a group of displays in a store

Pet Retail

With innovative display solutions from SPC Retail®, bring your pet retail merchandising ideas to life. Our versatile and durable retail displays can transform your space into an exciting destination for your customers and even their pets.

From pet training facilities to grooming salons, pet retail spaces come to life with help from SPC Retail. Together, let’s create a space that puts your product first.

Group of displays setup in a small pop up shop

Pop-Up Retail

In an industry where versatility is key, SPC Retail® offers display solutions that can be set up and ready to show off your products in just minutes. Take your retail brand out to your customers – where they work, play and live – with our fast, easy to assemble merchandising displays.

Need tough and attractive retail solutions that move with you? We have your back. You can trust SPC to help you spotlight your product.

Seasonal retail display for Halloween in a hardware store

Seasonal Retail

For any market segment, a seasonally focused strategy presents a unique challenge—but SPC Retail® has display solutions to highlight your products in any context. Using our displays as building blocks, create and recreate product stories that inspire and engage shoppers, season after season.

Make your seasonal products the focal point of your space with an easy-to-assemble and versatile display.

Display of outdoors gear in a sporting goods store

Sporting Goods

SPC Retail® provides the solutions you need to showcase sporting equipment and other outdoor hobby merchandise. Create an environment that caters to athletes and outdoorsmen alike with the perfect mix of style and function.

Let us help you curate an exciting, well-organized setting tailored for selling your sporting goods products. You’ll love the versatility of our modular displays.