Selecting the Right POP Display for Your Needs

What type of POP display will benefit your business?…

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Tips for Using Retail Fixtures Effectively

The goal of using visual merchandising is to convince your customers to purchase your products or services. Are your visual efforts making or breaking sales? We provide tips on how you can use retail fixtures effectively to boost sales!…

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General Merchandise

5 Important Factors to Consider for Your Seasonal Swing Area

A seasonal merchandising strategy is a proactive way to celebrate the occasions most important to consumers. Let’s look at five ways retailers can structure their seasonal merchandising programs….

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Seasonal Retail

How to Reconfigure Your Greenhouse Benching for Retail + 5 Design Concepts

How do you strike the right balance between maximizing your production capacity while utilizing the same space to create an engaging retail environment for your customers? Let’s look at some solutions for reconfiguring greenhouses for retail….

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Live Goods & Floral

7 Reasons Your Retail Display Is Being Ignored

When done right, a retail display can draw in new traffic, create unique customer experiences, and even increase sales! We break down 7 reasons that could be the culprit for poor-performing retail displays:…

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Benefits of Brick-and-Mortar Retail: Are Physical Stores Better?

Retailers are taking a look at whether brick-and-mortar retail still serves its intended purpose….

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How to Design an Exterior Store Layout + 8 Layout Examples

Your retail space isn’t just limited to what’s under your roof. Here’s how to optimize your outdoor merchandising for maximum sales and appeal….

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Retail Layout vs Retail Design: What’s the Difference?

Retail layout and retail design are often used interchangeably. Here’s why the differences matter and how they work together to create the in-store experience….

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7 Store Layout Mistakes Retailers are Making

Is your store layout too confusing for shoppers? Learn where retailers go wrong — These 7 mistakes are easy to make, and also easy to fix….

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Why Customer Flow Matters in Store Design

Retailers that design their stores with customer flow in mind have a stronger chance to grow sales and build loyalty. Here’s why it matters….

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