7 Reasons Your Retail Display Is Being Ignored

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When done right, a retail display can draw in new traffic, create unique customer experiences, and even increase sales! If your displays seem to be falling short or you’re not getting the traction you expected, it could be beneficial to review common display issues and make sure you’re not falling into any of the major traps. Below, we break down 7 reasons that could be the culprit for poor-performing retail displays:

Poor Visibility or Placement

No matter what your display looks like, if it’s tucked away in a back corner that doesn’t get any foot traffic, it’s not going to offer your store many benefits. Customers have to be able to easily see the things you want them to see. It’s also important to note that making a display too low can decrease the number of customers that see or interact with that display as well. 

How to Fix It

This one is easy – move your display! Make sure your displays are positioned well in high-traffic areas. You get bonus points if the display sits at the average eye level of customers, making it so they can see it without trying. The Multi-Level Displays from SPC Retail® are an easy hack to create sturdy displays that can be moved to different areas or placed at different heights.

One Dimensional or Boring

If you simply stack products on a shelf, your display is going to blend in with the rest of the items in your store, failing to bring special attention to what you’re trying to showcase. Too many retailers fall into the trap of having displays that constantly look the same but are filled with different products. This will never result in the outcome you’re aiming for with your displays.

How to Fix It

Try to have something that pops out of the display or play around with hanging items from the ceiling. Anything that makes a customer look twice is usually a great approach. Make displays using smaller tables and displays using shelves, but whatever you do, make them different and exciting! Think of the grocery stores that creatively display soda boxes, using them to build small buildings customers can walk through! THOSE are memorable. 

Lacks Interactivity

Customers are no longer satisfied by simply looking at a product. When possible, they want to touch it, interact with it, and get a feel for what it would be like if they owned that item. Too many retailers get stuck creating displays that “show” a product without letting customers “feel” the product.

How to Fix It

Consider pulling one of the products out of the box for customers to feel and touch. Think of electronics stores that allow customers to play with a new phone or listen to music from a speaker, then emulate that same interactivity in whatever display you are creating.

Too Cluttered

Your store is a retail center, not a hall closet. When displays are too cluttered, customers often feel overwhelmed or uninterested in looking at the display. Retail displays are not a treasure hunt, and they should never feel as if things are going to come toppling down from above. 

How to Fix It

Get more shelving to execute your merchandise better, or simply take some products off the display. Remember, just because there is a display, it doesn’t always mean that the entire inventory of that product has to be showcased.

Failure to Execute a Theme

When done properly, displays should be storytellers. Whether it’s for holiday goodies, seasonal items, or even just a themed display, make sure to carry that theme throughout the entirety of the display. If you go themed, you have to fully commit, or else it’s better to leave it without a specific theme.

How to Fix It

Think of unique ways that a display can fit a theme. If you’re selling summer drink machines and accessories, consider different cups in various fruit shapes or using sunshine as an overarching theme. Themes are a great way to keep merchandise looking fresh and unique, but if you’re not willing to go all-out, then opt for something you can execute well instead.

Details are Overlooked

Even the most perfectly themed display will look bad if the hangers don’t match or if the rack is in poor condition. Retailers with multiple locations can easily run into issues with the details of displays if they are not coordinated across all locations.

How to Fix It

Consider outlining some basic rules and guidelines. If you want your staff to use specific products to support the display, then the easiest way to achieve that is to ensure great communication with your staff. Instead of just communicating verbally, use this opportunity to write the guidelines down, making a document that can easily be referenced for years to come — be sure to update it as needed!

Trends are Ignored

You wouldn’t try to sell winter coats in the middle of a Texas summer, right? In the same way that your store as whole needs to address customer needs and current trends, your retail displays have to follow the same standards. When it’s summer, showcase sale items that are great for summer instead of displaying fall or winter merchandise. 

How to Fix It

The timing of trends can be difficult, so this one requires planning ahead AND flexibility. Of course, you can plan for trends like seasons and holidays, but if a certain recipe goes viral on social media, having the major ingredients for that recipe available for shoppers is a great opportunity to account for trends in your displays. Plan for the trends you know are coming and leave space for trends that might come up throughout the week.

SPC Retail Makes Stellar Displays Easy for All

With an endless list of display shelves, accessories, and unique display items, SPC Retail® has all your display needs covered. If you’re not sure how to improve your display game, reach out to our design lab team to help you design the retail space of your dreams. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation layout and design consultation!

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