What Makes a Retail Display Versatile?

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Versatility can be defined as the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions, styles, or utility. Applying this definition to retail displays takes several unique considerations. For example, does a display meet space and merchandising needs? Can graphics or branding be easily incorporated and changed when needed? How is a display useful, both now and as your store matures? What are the display’s most advantageous features?

At SPC Retail®, we’re the pros when it comes to designing and manufacturing specialty retail displays that achieve current and future goals. Taking all of the facets of versatility into account can help you to select better displays for your retail store. Here are some general guidelines that can inform your decision making:


Brick and mortar retail stores are constantly evolving in terms of store layout. Part of what enables this dynamic shopping experience is the ease with which displays can be moved or stored. For example, displays that are lightweight or on wheels can help you perform store resets faster.

Display Setup

How much effort does it take to set up a display by store associates or outside vendors? The easier to assemble, the sooner it can start contributing to the store experience. Plus, when your team can spend less time getting a new display ready, they can spend more time on other value-adding tasks. 

Layout Flexibility

Part of creating a fresh in-store experience is playing around with floor layout options. If your fixtures don’t allow for many store configurations, you’re limited to how much you can change your store. Small display footprints are more easily adaptable to various floor plans and give you more merchandising options.

Branding Options

Retail displays should offer multiple branding opportunities. For example, they might include a place for graphics, or they might even incorporate your brand colors. When selecting retail displays, look at how each one supports your store’s brand. Can you easily change out graphics? Will the color of the display work with the store decor long term?

Financial Investment

Retail displays can be a significant investment for a store, one that you hope will deliver an ROI. Ensuring all of the above features (portability, ease of setup, layout flexibility, and branding options) contribute to this ROI. 

In addition, you’ll want to consider how long the displays will last, their initial purchase cost, and how much they may cost to maintain. For example, cheap displays will need to be replaced more frequently than those made with sturdy materials. 

Making an Informed Decision for Your Retail Environment

Retail store displays play an important role in the aesthetics of your store, but their function and purpose don’t end there. The right displays can help your store to adapt to your merchandising strategy throughout the year. 

Keep in mind that the quantity and type of merchandise on hand, available floor space, and customer traffic patterns will change during the year. Choosing a fixture that is stationary and lacks versatility means you cannot meet these changing merchandising needs that a seasonal program brings. But when you select displays that offer versatility, you can keep the store feeling fresh and new each time customers visit the store.

Incorporate versatility into your layout with an SPC Retail® display. Our fixtures are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, durable, and require no tools for assembly. Visit our website to view our products.

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