Successful Strategies Garden Retailers Use to Improve the Shopping Experience

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The retail industry is changing, and customer buying decisions have been the primary driver in how retailers are connecting with shoppers. Although garden retailers have not been impacted as much by the growing popularity of e-commerce, they are still facing the challenge of meeting their customers wants and needs.

We have determined that by implementing three key customer-centric strategies within your retail area, you will be on your way to reaching new heights in customer appreciation, retention, and sales volume.

1) Make your garden retail area customer friendly.

Keep your customers’ shopping needs in mind when setting up and merchandising your garden retail. A focus on “getting out as much stock as possible” can lead to an overwhelming shopping experience, cluttered areas, missed opportunities, and an overall unorganized look and feel to any retail space.

You should ask yourself:

  • Can the customer easily navigate my aisles?
  • Is my product mix easy to reach and easy to see?
  • Is useful information clearly posted, easy to understand, and helping to educate my customer?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you might not be merchandising in a way that is beneficial to your customer. This can create gaps amongst your client base, and leave shoppers intimidated or unsure about their buying decisions. Getting out as much stock as possible can lead to an overwhelming shopping experience. Click To Tweet

Layout and design strategy is critical in creating clear sight lines of product for easy navigation and shop-ability.

2) Create engaging focal points by implementing a Brand Soul Strategy.

Put together what goes together! It’s common practice to put all the same pot sizes together or all the hanging baskets in one area, but why not mix it up? Show customers how they can easily execute the beautiful atmosphere you’ve created, in their own home.

Inspire customers through visual interpretations of what they could accomplish in their own homes by putting together combinations that complement each other.

Inspire customers by better utilizing existing retail space by implementing a Brand Soul(TM) merchandising strategy. Brand Soul(TM) is the deeper, more meaningful and personal connection your store has with shoppers. It’s the fun, experiential, and magnetic personality of your brand. By making your retail area more engaging, you can create customer loyalty and position yourself as the expert for all of your customers’ garden needs. By nurturing an authentic relationship with your customers, they will keep coming back year after year.

3) Optimize retail displays to quickly and easily adapt to your space.

Seasons change, as do your customers’ needs. Don’t limit yourself with stagnant block and board “displays” that cannot be modified to take advantage of selling opportunities. By using modular displays, your garden retail area can be refreshed year round with minimal effort, enhancing your product mix and improving the customer shopping experience. In the end, isn’t it always about customer engagement?

Combining displays and products that coordinate with each other into a singular focal point will help draw in customers.
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