Three Benefits of a Modular Display System

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Understanding the significance of a display and its functionality is vital to retail success. While visual merchandising is a major component of the overall success of a display fixture, the functionality and versatility of the display are just as critical to overall sales.

It has been proven that one of the most effective ways to engage customers is with an eye-catching display that is unique and unexpected. It is not uncommon for customers to walk through their favorite stores on “autopilot.” Therefore, a bold display that can educate shoppers about a product, evoke emotion and inspiration, or provide impactful benefits to the shopper, will more times than not convince them to buy what the display is promoting.

Versatility Made Easy

Having the ability to transform space based on the quantity, type of merchandise on hand and available floor space is imperative to retail success.  Choosing a fixture that is stationary and not easily adaptable means you cannot meet the changing needs and expectations of your customers.  Shoppers want to see something fresh or new each time they shop at your store, therefore versatility is imperative.

By utilizing our Kit-of-Parts™ system, SPC Retail® can provide retailers with a solution that fits their merchandising and space requirements.  Our Kit-of-Parts™ system makes us the fastest, most efficient fixture designer and manufacturing company in the industry, by turning elements of our stock inventory into a display that is ready to sell in minutes. Our Design Lab™ team works with retailers to evaluate overlooked or underutilized areas of opportunity within a retail space. Our ability to quickly design and build displays means we can provide solutions tailored to integrate with most any existing, remodeled, or new retail space.

Just as LEGO® building blocks are designed to fit together in myriad configurations, so are the pieces in our Kit-of-Parts™ system. Regardless of whatever unique display needs arise, within minutes you can easily change out parts or combine various display configurations to create small or large-scale display configurations.

On the Move Transformations

Fixtures that are permanently fixed can limit a retailer’s ability to adapt their store for product promotion or sell-through. What if it were possible to use the same display in various areas within a store, such as promo aisles, temporary clearance, focal areas, indoors, or outdoors? Having this ability would greatly impact your capacity to transform space and captivate shoppers’ attention.

Our modular displays are crafted from durable, lightweight 100% recycled plastic components, which are carefully designed for quick setup and breakdown. Our no-tool assembly means our displays can be set up and ready to sell in minutes. We offer a whole new look, approach, and strategy for almost any size and type of merchandise presentation.


The ability to have a display system that can size up or size down, be transported to various locations both inside and outside the store, allows retailers to save money.

In contrast, displays that are specific to one type of planogram layout, can’t be transformed or relocated, and will only be suitable for the purpose in which it was originally intended. For retailers, this means they must purchase individual displays for various scenarios, making it very costly when it comes to product turnover and changes that may come into play throughout seasonal merchandising requirements.

Whether in need of a display that can be used in different departments, for seasonal promotions, special events, industry trade shows, or for use indoors or outdoors, an SPC Retail® display will fit the bill. Contact SPC Retail at 800-523-6899 to speak with a member of our sales team to create and order a modular display system tailored to you.

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