3 Lessons Retailers Can Learn from Joanna Gaines

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3 Lessons Retailers Can Learn from Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines has a distinct style that is all her own. Magnolia Market is much more than just a store; it’s a destination that provides inspiration that people travel from all over the country to visit. Everything from the store to the website is an overwhelming success.

With the continued strain on brick-and-mortar stores to compete for foot-traffic and sales, what is it that makes Magnolia Market an anomaly amongst its competitors? It comes down to three fundamental lessons, that when done well, retailers can gain a similar customer brand loyalty and admiration.

1. Quality over Quantity

Joanna’s stores and displays are rich with a beautiful ambiance that both inspires and motivates customers. Whether it’s a large light fixture made of galvanized metal, beautiful wool rugs or elegant flower displays, Joanna knows how to take a few exquisite pieces and make them stand out. Displays at the Magnolia Market don’t just showcase products, they tell a unique story. Her displays make customers want to buy the products and duplicate the same beautiful ambiance in their own homes.

Having displays that feature quality over quantity means drawing attention to some of your best merchandise. Entrepreneur describes how retailers should place their best items in window displays if possible. Quality items that tell a story or are part of an overall theme are great ways to catch your customers’ attention. When putting together your displays it’s important not to place dozens of the same items in generic stacks. Quality, eye-catching pieces will draw customers in and cause them to linger at your display and inspire them to want to buy the necessary products to create the same look.

2. Brand Ownership

Joanna’s Magnolia Market is now a household name with its own unique style. It’s not just the items that draw in all the crowds at Magnolia Street at the Silo, it’s the brand. According to Inc., Joanna Gaines has a brand that is seen as family-friendly with a sense of humor. People love and can connect with what Joanna Gaines represents. She also takes practical steps, such as having a very active social media presence, to continually promote her brand and connect with her audience.

When arranging unique displays it’s crucial to keep your brand in mind. What do people think of when they see your products? Are you promoting a down-home, country brand or one that is more chic and urban? Whatever brand you have created for your store, your products needs to be seen consistently throughout your displays. This doesn’t mean that every display should look the same, but that a similar theme or look is central to each display. It’s also important to cultivate your social media presence. Just building an attractive website is not enough. Your brand needs to be continually promoted and updated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Simplicity

From stunningly simple all-white rooms to bare wood furnishings, simplicity is a hallmark of Joanna Gaines’ impeccable style. She tends to keep the focus on a few items at a time. Even her personal fashion sense and the way she dresses reflects simplicity and ease. Simplicity doesn’t always mean fewer items, but it does mean creating displays that will bring customers a feeling of calm and relaxation in a stressed-out world.

Putting together a display that’s unique and attention-grabbing is almost always better than over-the-top merchandise stuffing. Too many items in a display can seem “busy” and easily look cluttered. SMS suggests keeping displays focused in order to achieve simplicity. Just mindlessly stacking and arranging items will probably cause most customers to pass by your displays with little more than a glance. Great visual merchandising means using a few coordinated products that all work well together.


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Annnnd the summer displays are officially up at the shop! This season we take the theme from our magazine and celebrate the idea of curiosity- the desire to know and the willingness to discover. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve been working on this weekend- so thankful for the team that spent many, many hours on all these amazing details. I promise it’s better in person so come visit @magnolia this summer to check it all out!

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