Front Porch Lawn & Garden Programs

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Client: H-E-B


With so many sunny days and beautiful sunsets to watch, Texans spend a great deal of time outside. H-E-B recognized the need to provide customers with convenience and quality products to make their backyard flourish by utilizing their front of the store.

Project Scope:

H-E-B has partnered with SPC for over 10 years to create an outdoor front porch program which met the following requirements:

  • Must accommodate various types of lawn and garden products such as plants, fertilizer, pots, and gardening tools.
  • Plant watering solution that could effectively maintain plant quality in a hot climate.
  • Ability to scale up or down depending on space available.


  • With clever merchandising and a team of live goods experts providing useful tips and expertise at store level, SPC equipped them with a display system that would provide more time for associates to educate and engage with shoppers.
  • Incorporating WaterBed™, a plant hydration tray, onto our displays, H-E-B was able to decrease watering time by 50-57% and minimize product shrink by over 20%.
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