Expand the Sales Floor

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Client: Circle K


Expand the sales floor by utilizing a front porch strategy at gas stations and convenience stores.

Project Scope:

The project scope demanded that the outdoor merchandising displays met the following requirements:

  • Durable displays that could accommodate heavy bulky items.
  • Ability to incorporate signage for promotional or pricing messages.
  • A display roll-out program that could be sized up or down depending on the needs of individual store locations.
  • Promotes shoppability of products.
  • Cost-effective design solutions to accommodate the budget.


  • SPC Retail successfully rolled-out over more than 2,000 outdoor programs across seven Circle K divisions in 42 states and throughout Canada.
  • Our kit-of-parts system provides flexibility for future growth and evolution of merchandising needs for years to come.
  • The modified 3-Step display allowed for slide in signage to inform customers of promotions.
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