Store Fixture Makeover for Small Chain

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Client: Hydro Grow Room Garden Supply


Hydro Grow Room is a small chain with three stores serving the new and emerging market of hydroponic and organic growing supplies and implements. Hydro Grow specializes in having a large selection, bulk sizes, and the hard to find items sought after by organic farm enthusiasts. In moving to a larger store, the owners had a goal to build a recognizable brand and business model that could be rolled out to future stores and long-term growth via franchise partnerships.

Project Scope:

We collaborated with the Hydro Grow Room owners and outlined a project scope and directive for the new store environment and fixture requirements, including lineal footage, product size/type, traffic flow, site lines, heights, and merchandise presentation vision. Displays needed to meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to accommodate heavy bulk products.
  • Mobile gondola displays that could be repositioned as needed.
  • Displays that are adaptable to an expanding product mix, frequent changeouts, and educational demos conducted by staff.
  • Integration of signage and branding.


  • In making modifications to a few of our standard display designs, we created a Power Tower demo display and a cash wrap counter display for the store. The Hydro Grow team has already changed the store layout several times to keep their store and shopping experience fresh and open for events and our displays made the changeout fast and easy.
  • The Hydro Grow Room owners are preparing to open a fourth store and have asked SPC Retail to assist them once again with the store planning, layout, and displays that comprise nearly all of their in-store fixtures.
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