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The storefront is a retailer’s first chance at making a great first impression. Research shows that a first impression can impact someone’s judgment even when faced with evidence of the contrary. To put it simply, if the storefront isn’t up to par, then the brand’s reputation could suffer.

Retailers need to capitalize on the opportunity to prove that they are worth the time and money consumers spend with them. Taking the time to ensure that your storefront and front porch areas reflect that thoughtfulness is the first step in creating a great first impression with customers.

Things to Avoid for your Storefront

When it comes to retail displays, a little effort can go a long way. Yet, with this in mind, there are still many poorly utilized storefronts and front porches. Let’s take a look at how retailers are missing the opportunity to make a great first impression.

Disorganized Arrangements

“Clearance” is not an organizing strategy. That big orange sticker does not mean shower curtains, dog bowls, and snacks all belong on the same display, and it certainly doesn’t mean they should all be thrown together thoughtlessly on a folding table right in the front of the store.

Plain and unorganized displays are always unappealing to a passing patron. Retailers never want to give the impression that they don’t care about their products, brand, or that the disarray is due to poor product management.

Sparse Areas

The fastest way to lose out on serious untapped revenue is by keeping a storefront that is as sparse as an arid tundra. Retailers might as well scatter money all over the floor in the hopes that it turns into profit all by itself.

After all, an empty front porch will not help you clear those bottom-shelf stocks. Populate your front porch with effective product displays to grab shoppers’ attention and improve impulse sales.


The only thing that is possibly worse than a sparse front porch is one that obscures your store’s windows and showcases. Add in some poorly labeled and organized product and customers will be left with nothing but unappealing goods and the store signage to match.

Ways to Optimize Your Storefront

Capitalize on the storefront and make it visually appealing to anyone and everyone who chances by it.

Cleanliness and Organization

Prioritize the safety and cleanliness of your sidewalks. Ensure that your displayed products are arranged in a clearly defined space, which makes it easier on the eyes while not obstructing foot traffic. Arrange products by putting together what goes together, i.e. putting soft drinks, chips, and other snack items together for a big sports event. Themes make the displays more attractive and easier to shop.

Focus on Brand Message

Sell more than products, create an experience! What is the brand story of the brand? How do customers feel when they enter the store? The typeface, font size, and colors of the graphics on the display all contribute to the effectiveness of the brand message. Additionally, gain an advantage by adapting displays to seasonal trends, for example, adding a Christmas tree with candy ornaments to the front porch might attract children and their parents.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Perhaps most importantly, retailers need to develop a unique style that stands out in the minds of your customers. Create a unique experience, your competition is always around the corner. Strategic merchandising and well-planned displays create a bold and impactful storefront impression. Be flexible – having an easy-to-adapt setup can allow for quick updating as trends and sales change.

Setting You Up for Success

It’s safe to say first impressions are important. Retailers must take into consideration that their storefronts are the first things that will capture the attention of their customers. By maintaining an organized space, brand messaging, and a unique shopping experience, retailers can better showcase their brand and serve their customers.

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