5 Incredible Garden Trends

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There are several interesting trends that many garden enthusiasts will likely be interested in. As garden center professionals you will want to support and provide services that help customers put together their own amazing gardens. Here are five trends you should highlight in your garden center.

1.   Unique Garden Walls

garden walls

Brick and stone walls are usually the first things that people think of when it comes to garden walls, but the options are almost endless. Not only can walls be made of brick, stone or wood, but garden walls can consist of fence planters, wall pots or even water. Freshome features several garden walls that can be created both inside and outside the home. Store managers can create an in-store mock-up of a garden wall with corresponding products nearby or their location within the store clearly labeled.

2.  DIY Greenhouses


Popular Mechanics lists several steps gardeners will need to take when putting together their own greenhouse. This includes optimal orientation toward the sun, deciding on everything from frame to floor materials, and making sure to check local ordinances regarding permits. Customers will need information regarding the type and size of greenhouse that will best fit their needs. A garden center owner should work closely with customers when selecting the best plants and flowers.

3.  Outside Container Gardening

container gardening

The great thing about container gardening is that it can be done almost anywhere. Those who live in the country but don’t have good ground, people who live in an apartment and anyone that just wants a small garden can benefit from container gardening. The containers are just as important as the plants that grow in them. Garden centers can recommend stone, metal, wood, glass jars and even decorative buckets and wagons. It’s also a good idea to host classes that teach people how to pair plants to create mixed plant pots.

4. Growing Native Plants

native plants

Many people aren’t sure which plants are the best options for their garden. An experienced garden center can help customers choose plants, flowers, shrubs and grasses that will have the best chance of success. Native gardening is naturally low-maintenance and is also good for the environment. Garden centers can showcase native plants to the area and include educational signage that explains the benefits of choosing these types of native plants.

5. Robogardening

robo gardening

Advanced technology has made its way to the garden. Garden apps have been around for a few years, but technology is going deeper than that. Now gardeners can use devices that test soil moisture and even robotic weeders. One of the most interesting trends is what is called, hydroponic gardening. This involves growing plants without soil, and it may be the future of gardening due to its ability to grow 30-50% faster while being environmentally friendly.


It’s important to not only provide services and products but information for customers. Customers that have a clear vision and understand how to complete a task are more likely to follow through on a project. For more garden center merchandising and display tips check out our blog post on Strategies for Improving the Shopping Experience.

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