Small Product Merchandising Solutions

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Small products can mean big revenues for retailers. However, it’s easy for little merchandise to get overshadowed by larger goods. Indeed, small products often languish in dark corners or inside cheesy display cases.

These tips should help you avoid small product neglect and really get those diminutive objects flying off the shelves.

It’s the Little Things

Small merchandise includes sunglasses, toothbrushes, socks, lip balm, pens and candy bars — pretty much anything you could easily hold in one hand.

Given that they’re cheap and compact, shoppers usually don’t mind tossing them into their bags. Plus, when they see indulgences like chewing gum, many people feel a sudden urge to treat themselves.

You don’t need large, bold displays for small merchandise. Instead, you want to nudge people to buy them. To do so, place them on endcaps and hotspots like point-of-sale (POS) displays. You can also put them in your landing, the space adjacent to the front door. That way, virtually every customer will see them, and many will decide on the spot to buy one.

Simple, Symmetrical Success

Think of the shoppers who enter your store as travelers bound for certain destinations. They try to take the most direct route from the door to the items they have in mind. Then they make a beeline to the cash register and back out the door.

Your mission is to put small merchandise displays along those paths so those products will garner more attention. By doing so, you’ll lend balance to your shop — a sense of symmetry, if you will.

Indeed, POS displays near cash registers and doors often make stores more symmetrical and pleasing. Similarly, it helps to coordinate big and small items. For instance, let’s say that one of your popular display cases holds jumbo bags of nachos. Thus, a case with small containers of dip could go beside it.

Small but Mighty

The following three premium displays are especially valuable when you want your small products to make a large impact.

1. Round Displays

Round displays immediately grab eyeballs, and their layered shelves appear harmonious and organized. Moreover, since they’re mobile and adaptable, you can easily redecorate them to celebrate seasonal events.

You can fill such a display case with small goods, or you could create a hybrid display: large items at the base and smaller items above. Bottles, boxes, coffee mugs and hand towels are just a few of the products that are perfect for round displays.

2. Two-Leveled Displays (36″ x 37″)

You can put two-leveled displays as close to your cash registers as you’d like. They’re great for objects that people are constantly running out of, losing or breaking; headphones and phone cords are two examples. As soon as someone sees one of those things in your two-leveled display, it’s likely to trigger an impulse buy.

3. Endcap Displays

Endcap displays represent a top-notch sales strategy. Because they stick to the ends of your aisles, they won’t take up much room or make your store feel overcrowded. They also let you lengthen your product aisles. For example, you could place small bottles of sunscreen on an endcap display attached to your swimming pool aisle.

As a final note, Structural Plastics Corporation (SPC) offers a wide variety of stepped and single small displays. They’re just right for tiny candles, pieces of silverware and all sorts of other small wonders. They’ll maximize your floor space, let you integrate products effectively and send those impulse buys through the roof. The best things often come in small packages, and SPC can help you show off your small packages in the most appealing ways possible.

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