The Importance of Flexibility in Retail

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The New Normal

Over the past few years, we have seen the increasing demand for speed and immediacy when it comes to designing brick-and-mortar stores. Moving fast and constantly evolving is not a new concept for most retailers. But if the past few months have taught us anything, retailers need to be more agile than ever before.

With the ever-changing challenges posed by protecting shoppers’ and workers’ health, retailers are constantly asking how stores need to shop or look this year, and if our current reality is the new normal. How you prepare for the upcoming selling seasons is going to be important. The choices you make when choosing a retail display will greatly impact your ability to adapt a store to meet the needs and expectations of shoppers. 

When it comes to retail fixturing and store layout, we’ve got three tips for staying nimble in your retail strategy.

3 Ways To Establish Flexibility In Retail Design

Use Smaller Footprint Displays

Display size plays a large role in your ability to reorganize as needed. With social distancing measures in place, it’s important to arrange displays in order to give shoppers a little more room to browse and shop without sacrificing on merchandising space.
All SPC Retail® displays come in a variety of lengths. Our smallest and most compact displays work well in aisleways, vestibules, and near checkout areas. For more ideas, check out our blog post on setting your space up for social distancing.

Bring Products Outside

An outdoor selling strategy can let customers know that you’re back and open for business, while also promoting safe social distancing in an open environment. Your front porch is a prime selling space for developing a seasonal pop-up sales strategy that is geared towards creating a convenient shopping destination. 

Regardless of the product you sell, an SPC Retail® display is the perfect companion to any outdoor merchandising strategy due to its modular design and durability to outdoor elements. With features such as no-tool assembly, weather-resistant recycled plastic material, and a selection of signage integration options, you can set up and be ready to sell in minutes.

Don’t Overlook Graphic Integration Options

Merchandising is all about the visual appeal. Customers will always be enticed and intrigued by a display that is unique and well-coordinated. That’s why when selecting a display it’s important to consider what options are available for incorporating signage into your display. 

Whether you are looking for a simple pricing sign or more integrated lifestyle graphics, an SPC display system is the perfect canvas to showcase your product. Our graphic integration options allow you to take the creative reigns and change up your display look from season to season.

For more information, check out our blog post on the options for integrating signage onto our displays.

Choosing the Right Display for Your Store

With the uncertainty of the evolving or lasting impacts due to the COVID19 pandemic, retail display and fixturing choices have never been more important. The type of display you choose needs to have the flexibility to adapt and accommodate the ever-changing retail landscape. 

When choosing a retail display, it’s important to evaluate the size and shape, the versatility of use, and the ability to customize the look and feel with the help of graphic integration. The trifecta of these qualities will ensure your ability to address any challenges that may come your way.

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