Leveraging Visual Merchandising: 3 Tips to Connect and Capture Shopper’s Attention

Retailers confront a significant issue in today’s always-connected, information-rich world: a consumer’s brain can only hold so much information before it becomes overloaded. People’s attention spans are limited,…

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How to Use Impulse Displays: A Guide for Store Planners

Webster’s dictionary defines impulse as “a sudden, spontaneous inclination or incitement to perform a usually unpremeditated action.” As humans, we tend to plan our actions, purchases, and decisions….

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General Merchandise

5 Important Factors to Consider for Your Seasonal Swing Area

A seasonal merchandising strategy is a proactive way to celebrate the occasions most important to consumers. Let’s look at five ways retailers can structure their seasonal merchandising programs….

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Seasonal Retail

3 Reasons C-Stores Shouldn’t Ignore the Forecourt Area

According to NACS, there are over 150,000 fuel stations in the United States, 80% of which offer convenience stores. While it may seem that consumers have an abundance…

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The Effect of Assortment Creep On Retail Stores

A healthy inventory is always a good thing, right? Yes, but only when it doesn’t lead to assortment creep. Assortment creep is the slow, steady, and almost imperceptible…

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Broken Retail: Clearance Tables

The words “clearance sale” to a retailer usually mean it’s time to balance inventory, promotions, and prices to maintain profit levels. However, too often we see a clearance…

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Broken Retail: Block & Board

Everyone loves a good DIY project. But is it wise to rely on this strategy when determining the types of displays you will use in your retail layout? More times than not DIY displays end up posing a danger to customers and can weaken a store’s brand….

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Spring Layout Strategies for Garden Center Retailers

Spring has a way of bringing out the green thumb in everyone. Once the weather starts warming, your garden center becomes a beehive of activity. But while crowding…

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How to Win Big with a Zone Layout Strategy

A zone layout strategy aims to identify areas of the store by how it will be utilized seasonally. Let’s dive in and learn more about each zone type and how to transition these spaces throughout the year effectively. …

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Waterbed: Does it work?

Being a plant retailer comes with many benefits and challenges. Plants bring life, color, and tranquility to your business. With that, they also demand special care and conditions….

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