Real-Life Applications of the Four Pillars of Customer Engagement [Part 2]

It’s an exciting time for brick-and-mortar stores. As the whole retail experience evolves, large companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of the “town center” concept. Based on…

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The Four Pillars of Experiential Retail [Part 1]

In recent years, thousands of brick-and-mortar shops have closed. Is the end of the line for traditional retail near? It’s easy to get caught up in doomsday scenarios,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Engaging Retail Store Layout

Learn the most effective ways to design a retail layout that enhances the customer shopping experience….

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Worksheet: Project Scope

What is a project scope? A project scope is a way to set boundaries on your project and define exactly what goals, deadlines, and project deliverables you’ll be…

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Leveraging Visual Merchandising: 3 Tips to Connect and Capture Shopper’s Attention

Retailers confront a significant issue in today’s always-connected, information-rich world: a consumer’s brain can only hold so much information before it becomes overloaded. People’s attention spans are limited,…

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How to Use Impulse Displays: A Guide for Store Planners

Webster’s dictionary defines impulse as “a sudden, spontaneous inclination or incitement to perform a usually unpremeditated action.” As humans, we tend to plan our actions, purchases, and decisions….

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General Merchandise

How to Reconfigure Your Greenhouse Benching for Retail + 5 Design Concepts

How do you strike the right balance between maximizing your production capacity while utilizing the same space to create an engaging retail environment for your customers? Let’s look at some solutions for reconfiguring greenhouses for retail….

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Live Goods & Floral

5 Important Factors to Consider for Your Seasonal Swing Area

A seasonal merchandising strategy is a proactive way to celebrate the occasions most important to consumers. Let’s look at five ways retailers can structure their seasonal merchandising programs….

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Seasonal Retail

3 Reasons C-Stores Shouldn’t Ignore the Forecourt Area

According to NACS, there are over 150,000 fuel stations in the United States, 80% of which offer convenience stores. While it may seem that consumers have an abundance…

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The Effect of Assortment Creep On Retail Stores

A healthy inventory is always a good thing, right? Yes, but only when it doesn’t lead to assortment creep. Assortment creep is the slow, steady, and almost imperceptible…

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