Little Black Display: Exploring Color to Showcase Product

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Retail sales is a never-ending game of “gotcha.” Each retailer — whether a storefront business or an online outlet — is competing with each other to catch the eye of potential customers. Retailers know that color is king when attracting the eye of a shopper, and human nature tells us that the feet follow where the eyes lead.

Sales won’t happen if your displays don’t win the “gotcha” game against your competitors.

Color Schemes Matter

According to Color Marketing Group, color schemes influence consumer behavior, from the visual impact of the storefront to the interior displays. Color schemes in displays may account for up to 85 percent of the reason why customers choose one product over another.

The debate over color isn’t new; it’s been going on for a very long time. Science has chimed in on the discussion, giving us some interesting test results. For example, studies show red is the color that best enhances customers’ attention to detail. Blue is the best choice for increasing consumers’ ability to think creatively. Black implies classiness, sophistication, and strength; it’s the best choice when you want your merchandise to pop.

Understanding the impact that your color schemes can have on your customers can lead you to the color scheme that works best for your retail business.

Spectrum Impact

How we present our merchandise, from the store entrance to the individual displays, makes a difference. If your color scheme is working, you can expect about 52 percent of your customers to return. If they don”™t like what they see, from the paint on the wall to the furniture to the style of a mannequin, they won’t be back.

Color combinations set the mood for the shopper. Oranges and browns are warm colors that are inviting and reassuring. Greens and blues are cool colors that promote a calm disposition. Reds and yellows attract immediate attention and make great accents to draw the eye to specific details, such as sales and promotions.

Black sends a strong message of strength, power, and authority. It exudes class and sophistication but can become overwhelming if used excessively. White speaks of purity and cleanliness. When your display creates a visual balance between black and white, with an accent color added for the “wow” factor, it creates a powerful message that demands the customer’s attention.

Complement Your Brand

A study by the University of Loyola, Maryland, found brand recognition could increase by as much as 80 percent when using an effective color scheme in visual marketing. For example, working the colors of your logo into your retail design helps customers associate those colors with your brand.

Black is a common choice as a background color, with brighter colors used as accents for the “gotcha” effect. A black backdrop is popular in stores that offer trendy teen looks, such as the latest fashion obsession and trending accessories. Something as simple as a little black display (LBD) fixture can take merchandising up a notch by balancing the colors in the overall visual arrangement.

Black is also an excellent choice for large areas. It can make them seem smaller and more intimate. A cozy sitting area at the center of the store, for example, with small black displays subtly showcasing chosen merchandise nestled among black seating with cool blues and greens as accent pillows can be an intimate space for shoppers to take a little breather.

SPC Psychology

Your store display is sure to be a hit when you begin with the must-have little black display. Black fixtures help to highlight accent colors and spotlight your logo colors for a cohesive statement of soothing strength, telling your customers they’ve found the right place.

With a selection of LBD working your color scheme, you’re sure to win the “gotcha” game against your competitors.

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