Perk Up Boomers Health with Plants

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If you look around, you’ll see them. They don’t usually call much attention to themselves, they’re off living their lives, and going quietly about their favorite activates. But let’s face facts: 50 percent of the adult population will be aged 50 or older in 2017. While it may be tempting to jump on the popular trend of marketing to Millennials, you shouldn’t be so quick to revolutionize retail for these younger generations.

Your business needs to continue to be inviting to the Baby Boomer generation. According to a U.S. News Market Insights Baby Boomer report 70 percent of all disposable income in America is controlled by Boomers. Moreover, thirty-five percent of couples and singles who have passed the half-century mark have a total household income over $100,000.

That’s a lot of buying power. To attract the attention of these consumers, you need to be sure you have products that these Boomers want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling food, clothing, auto parts or construction goods — you want to capture the attention of these Americans.

Nothing grabs attention more than flowers and live plants due to the socio-emotional effects they have on health and behavior. Once you understand these benefits, you will want to implement a Live Goods program in your store to capture the attention of the Baby Boomer generation.

Flowers Are Good for What Ails You

Aging is not without its pitfalls. We face the specter of altering health that forces unwanted lifestyle changes. Americans 50 and older are more at risk for depression, memory impairment and social withdrawal.

Rutgers University of New Jersey took an interest in finding ways to lessen the daily life anxieties of aging Americans. Behavioral research conducted at Rutgers found a simple method of perking up the mood of older generations: live plants, specifically flowers. The study concluded that flowers ease the grip of depression, encourage social interaction and provide a refreshing boost to a sluggish memory, especially in women.

When people are feeling better, we’re more likely to be out and about and more likely to be shopping.

A Touch of Nature Goes a Long Way

According to the Rutgers study, 81 percent of the participants reported an improvement in their moods and a decline in depression after receiving flowers. A full 40 percent increased their social interactions with family and friends, even moving beyond their usual circles. The study concludes that even a small presence of nature, especially flowers and plants, can have an outstanding impact on the well-being of aging people.

It is human nature to crave that which makes us feel better. A display of live plants and flowers should be a priority in any retail outlet.

Breathe Life into your Retail Environment

Are your retail store fixtures meeting the needs of today’s Boomer? Is your merchandise displayed in a way that appeals to these shoppers? Is your product mix capturing their attention? If not, you could be missing out on a large group of customers.

By incorporating a live goods area in your retail environment, your store will become more appealing and enticing to shoppers. Here are three quick tips on how to breathe life into your retail environment.

TIP #1: Long rows of straight benching running the length of the aisle can become overwhelming. Replace those long, seemingly endless rows with modular displays that break up the never-ending lines. Divide your products into categories, and offer organized display racks that don’t require the customer to kneel to the floor or stretch to the ceiling to obtain an item.

TIP #2: Make certain you have a display of live plants near your front door, or expand your selling space outside to your front porch. Modular displays with cheerful flowers and inviting live plants are just the thing to welcome customers into your business.

TIP #3: Take the guesswork out gardening by placing items together that would go together in an actual garden. Inspire shoppers by creating a display with a cohesive theme, such as colors that complement one another or a display of edible plants.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling food, clothing, auto parts or construction goods – provide your shoppers with a shopping destination that will positively impact their mood and health.

For more tips on mastering a Live Goods program read this article on 4 Tips for Arrange Your Garden Center.

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