Our Layout & Design Process from a Retailers Perspective

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Retail layout and design can be intimidating. Over the years SPC has worked with hundreds of retailers of all sizes and types to implement the ideas they have for their space. From the front porch to power aisles to large destination garden centers, our Design Lab team is dedicated to helping our clients create a space that is functional, engaging, and organized.

Let’s take a closer look at a garden center owner who tells of her experience working with us through our design process.

This year has been challenging for so many businesses, including our 3,000 square-foot nursery. Since the recent pandemic forced us to temporarily close our doors, we took this opportunity to reevaluate the design and layout of our store. Although we have a great reputation in our community and continue to grow year-over-year, our displays and floor space were outdated. There were also too many “dead zones” throughout our floor space. I began researching some ideas and design concepts last year. However, I just never got around to making changes.

While I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve, my team and I specialize in plants — not retail design. That is why we teamed up with SPC Retail. I wanted to reopen our doors with a fresh look, so we immediately took advantage of their complimentary layout and design service.

Step 1: Getting Acquainted

SPC Retail bases the first step on opportunity, taking the time to really get to know you and the challenges you face. Like I said, I wanted to give our nursery a bit of a facelift and redesign underutilized floor space. While talking to SPC about my goals and the brand itself, they helped me create a game plan that touched on problem areas I wasn’t even aware of. For example, while discussing one of our dead zones, it was clear that customer traffic flow was poor and needed to be addressed. They studied the current layout of the store and suggested ways optimize the customer experience, which would, in turn, boost our sales.

Step 2: Visualizing My Space

I would have been lost without SPC Retail during step two, which is all about the design process itself.

My space was a bit of a free-for-all when you walked in, and although our customers got around, there was no clear route. Their “Design Lab” team created 3D mockup drawings to help me better understand what our new displays would look like, as well as how our nursery would be arranged. This allowed me to truly visualize the new look of our store. It was exciting! They welcome feedback and after discussing a few key areas, based on my original vision and their recommendations, we decided on a layout my team and I loved!

Step 3: My Space Realized

Although I technically went to SPC Retail for design advice, their expertise, creativity, and business sense are far-reaching. During the third step, involving implementation, they went above and beyond to ensure my team and I was happy. They evaluated how well our new displays fit within the nursery, going above and beyond to ensure an efficient set-up.

SPC Retail helped us utilize each dead zone, creating a pathway, offering the type of shopping experience that takes customers on a journey.

Since updating the nursery, we have had so many of our regular customers comment on the changes. The new design was only implemented a month ago, but the impact has been immense. I have owned my nursery for six years, and in the past month alone, I can see the difference our new layout makes. Customers are able to find products much more easily. This is due to the new pathways that were made, as well as the new displays. We have organized our products into various sections, creating an exciting customer experience. Thanks to our new displays, it’s easy to swap products out, allowing us to remain relevant in terms of the latest seasonal trends.

Now that it’s all said and done, I must admit, this process was daunting to me at first — perhaps that’s why I put it off for so long. Thankfully, SPC Retail simplified the retail layout and design process. From start-to-finish, I felt heard. They really took the time to understand my pain points and encouraged my involvement. Before, I owned a nursery, but now I own a nursery I couldn’t be prouder of.

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If you’re ready to take action, improving the layout and design of your store, be sure to check out the following webinar: Strategic Layout and Design for Garden Centers or download our Layout and Design Resource Guide. The tips, tricks, and philosophies included will translate across a wide range of stores, including garden, hardware, and grocery stores.

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