How to Profit This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is an important holiday that has the potential to help many retailers meet their bottom line. Great marketing strategies to get customers through the door aren’t enough, however, to guarantee that merchandise will actually sell. There are several important factors retailers should keep in mind when preparing their store for Valentine’s Day.

 Love is in the Air

There are several items that shoppers will primarily be looking for this Valentine’s Day. Mechtronics reports that dining out is the number one way Valentine’s Day is celebrated. This means stores that offer restaurant gift cards should have them prominently displayed in high traffic areas. Candy is the second most sought-after item that consumers will be searching for. Flowers and jewelry are also popular gift items.
According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers spend approximately $136.57 on Valentine’s Day. Total spending has reached $18.2 billion. The majority of people in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day, making it a great opportunity for retailers. Spending for Valentine’s Day, however, has dropped. There are several things retailers can do to target their audience and boost sales.

Last Minute Tips

Last minute shoppers make up a significant portion of traffic in most stores. Nanigans reports that data supports the fact that many customers, especially men, will wait until the last few days to make their purchases. There are a few things retailers can do to make the shopping experience easier for these types of shoppers.
Keep Items Relevant – It’s important to make sure retail displays are relevant to the holiday and prominently displayed through Valentine’s Day. Make sure to keep displays as full as possible. Picked over, half-empty display stands are unappealing.
Promote the “Best” Items – Stores that sell clothing should promote lingerie and plushies. Groceries will want chocolates and candy prominently displayed in prime areas throughout the store.
 Make it Easy – Create attractive displays that feature gift baskets and provide suggestions for items that might go to together. Last minute customers will appreciate items that are already arranged in one package.
 Keep it Convenient – Make sure items are in easy to find areas of  the store. Areas near the front and high traffic areas should contain a variety of holiday displays. According to allBusiness, setting up displays right outside the front door is a great way to make shopping convenient!


Your Secret Admirer

When selecting high quality displays, it’s important to choose a company with years of experience and a proven track record. SPC (Structural Plastics Corporation) features a variety of attractive, specialty displays. SPC displays can help set the ambiance and attract more Valentine’s Day shoppers to any retail store. There are several ways to use SPC retail store fixtures to present merchandise during this special holiday.

  Stepped Displays & Endcaps – These types of displays allows  retailers to group popular gifts together, such as chocolates and wine. This makes the shopper’s experience easier and promotes cross-product purchases

  Signage on Displays – This makes it easy to sort candies and cards by price. Customers who don’t want to spend a lot will find exactly what they’re looking for in a particular price range.

   Simplicity – SPC designs are simple yet effective. Their basic designs allow the products to be the focal point of attention.

   Graphics & Color Blocking – Displays that stand out are necessary to attract customers. SPC displays work well with Valentine’s colors such as reds, purples and pinks.

    Focal Displays – There are several types of specialty displays  available that provide flower hangers.

All of SPC displays are not only attractive, versatile and extremely durable, but are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Retailers can protect the environment while boosting sales. Setting up a store to engage customers and promote sales is easy with SPC. Contact SPC Retail for more information.
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