How To Host a Live Goods Workshop During a Pandemic

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Over the course of 2020, there has been a large surge of individuals interested in live goods. With protocols and social distancing guidelines, it’s a great time to reinvent ways to connect with our customers and communities, and a great way to reach these shoppers is by hosting workshops. Educational courses will encourage beginners to explore their craft and give them the confidence to take on new projects.

Now the next question comes into play; how do we host in-person workshops safely? We suggest doing this by placing individual workstations separated by 6 feet so each individual has their own space. SPC can help you find custom solutions for creating project workbenches in your store. You’ll also want to provide protective gear like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer at each station or create a “sanitation station” with extra supplies that participants can grab on their way into the workshop.

If you are unable to host events without adhering to social distancing guidelines, there is another option! Consider hosting virtual educational events by recording DIY videos that coordinate with the in-store shopping experience. We’ve outlined 3 easy steps to help you get started.

1. Record yourself doing the project

Record your educational material with step-by-step instructions using products you would use at the in-person workshop. Don’t be afraid to let your store personality shine through! Being organic in your content and material will let your audience connect with your business and create a lasting relationship.

2. Post your video

Now that you’ve conquered the hard part, post your video on social media platforms, video platforms, and on your website. This will make your project easily accessible to your client base. Promote your workshop online, through email campaigns, and in-store to attract the attention of your customers. 

3. Merchandise the displays

It’s important to connect your store’s digital experience with its in-store one. You can do this by creating DIY stations within your store for at-home viewers to come in and shop. These displays will feature all of the items you used in the class for grab-and-go shopping. 

Boost your workshop focal displays by incorporating new merchandising strategies. Watch our recent Effective Merchandising webinar recording to learn more!

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