Weather the storms with hair and skin care displays

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In winter, many people struggle with the effects of cold temperatures and dry air. The weather outside and the heating systems inside wreak havoc on hair, skin and lips, and some cosmetics make things worse. For instance, many soaps remove the acid mantle, one of the skin’s protective layers. Thus, dryness intensifies.

Retailers can make it easy for customers to find the skin and hair care products that offer relief — items like chemical-free washes and heat protectants. Specifically, point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-purchase (POP) displays are great tools for promoting such soothing items.

Dry Hair? We Care

Why are winter air and human hair such a bad combo? Let’s start with the cuticle, the outer layer of each hair. When air is dry, cold or both, cuticles shift their position. The moisture within the hair is released, and the hair is significantly weakened.

Also problematic, the strong winds that winter often brings cause tangles. Plus, combing hair in dry air can be a nightmare of split ends and static electricity.

Not to mention, you may have less hair in winter than in summer. Dermatology, a medical journal, studied this subject and concluded that women shed the most hair during the fall.

Given these predicaments, many shoppers really need moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter hair and skin care products are for everyone, but certain items just appeal to certain demographics. Head & Shoulders’ offerings, for instance, are marketed toward adults up to age 34. During the winter, this company especially targets females, though it does gear some items toward men in the 25-35 range.

It’s wise to do some research as to which of your cosmetics attract which groups. Google AdWords is a good resource for doing so. It might tell you, for instance, that women who represent median wage earners frequently select Pantene Haircast.

Equipped with such info, you could create email or social media campaigns that encourage particular age groups to pick up particular products.

Weather the Storm

Throughout the winter, you ought to place your products for skin, hair and beauty in places where every consumer will see them. Naturally, those items should still be available in your cosmetic aisle. However, they should also be exhibited in the areas that get the most traffic. The round aisle display near the entrance of your store and the stands beside your cash registers are perfect spots.

In addition to giving them prime positions, make sure those displays are conspicuous. If they’re eye-catching, they’ll remind people how badly they need to winterize their hair and bodies.

SPC: Beautiful Results

Displays from SPC Retail illustrate just what you want. They’re truly striking, with bold graphics and enticing three-dimensional features such as gift boxes and snowflakes.

SPC’s pop-up plastic retail displays are also highly functional, versatile, affordable and durable. They’re simple to set up, and you can use them for short or long periods of time.

You might keep these displays in storage during the warm-weather seasons and bring them out again every winter. On the other hand, you could leave them up year-round, rotating the visual elements so they’re always seasonally appropriate.

The examples included with this article and all other SPC pop-up displays are ideal for just about any store. They’ll spike your sales, and they’ll help your customers avoid dryness, flaking, skin irritation and other problems as the brutal winter rages on

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