FAQ: Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit

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What is a Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit?

The newest addition to the Benchmaster® product line, the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is an innovative no-tool solution that easily integrates with most 2-foot wide panels to create a Tilt-Top Display System for use in garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses, and front porch live goods merchandising areas.

The Tilt-Top Retrofit kit is a simple way of creating eye-catching focal areas that encourage customers to interact with products, thus leading to a more engaging shopping experience and increased sales. By incorporating the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit, garden retailers can now utilize a merchandising strategy that has been practiced by grocery, drug, and specialty retailers for decades.

Why invest in a Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit?

The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is a cost-effective way to improve product visibility and provide flexibility within your merchandising strategy by utilizing displays you currently have.

Improve Product Visibility: 

By positioning product at a 15-degree slant, retailers can showcase the colorful and natural beauty of flora to its fullest potential – improving product visibility by 27%.

Reuse Displays You Already Have: 

The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is designed to be an easy, no-tool solution using Benchmaster® 2-foot wide grid-top panels and legs. By reusing what you already own you can transform your selling space in minutes without a major investment.

2-in-1 Display: 

As seasons change, so do your merchandising and growing needs. The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit allows retailers to easily transition from a propagation table to a retail display in a matter of minutes.

How does the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit work?

Installation of the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is a simple 4-step process which can be done in 10-minutes or less. No tools required.

tilt top assemblyWhich Benchmaster® parts is the Retrofit Kit compatible with?

Tilt-Top Retrofit Kits are compatible with 24-inch wide by 36-, 66-, or 96-inch length grid top panels. Find out if the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is compatible with your displays by taking the compatibility assessment below.

tilt top compatibility infographic

How tall can I make my Tilt-Top Display?

When considering leg height, the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit can be used with or without legs. The maximum leg height that can be used is 30-inches. All leg heights that exceed 12-inches require the use of a base panel.

Tilt-Top Leg Heights

What does the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit include?

The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit includes Tilt-Top Adapters, Front Edges, and Attachment clips needed to retrofit 24-inch wide Benchmaster® panels in lengths of 36-, 66-, and 96-inches.

  • Tilt-Top Adapters are used to place the panel on a 15-degree slant.
  • Attachment Clips slide into the front edges and used to attach to the panel.
  • Front Edges help keep the product from sliding off the display.

tilt top retrofit kit components

Where can I buy the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kits?

The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kits are available in three packages: 36-inch, 66-inch, and 96-inch. These kits can be purchased on our website and through our distributor partners. Call 800-523-6899 to speak with a sales representative today.

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