WaterBed™ Irrigation Tray 48×24

Our patented Benchmaster™ WaterBed™ Irrigation Tray is a stand alone 48″ x 24″ system that can be used on any type of flat surface. The pressure-activated capillary mat system promotes plant health by allowing the plant to wick water as they need it.


Part Number: WB4824

The WaterBed™ reservoir and pressure-activated capillary mat system allows plants to wick water from underneath as they need it. Just fill the reservoir, arrange the plants as you see fit, and then let the WaterBed™ do the rest! The 48” x 24” WaterBed™ ™ holds up to 3 gallons of water. For maximum results, ensure there are holes in the bottom of the pots.

  • Width (in): 24
  • Length (in): 48
  • Height (in): 2
  • Top Type: Grid, Solid
  • Mobile: No

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