Two Step Wide Display 36x36x24

Our Benchmaster™ Wide Two Step Display is perfect for showing the full color and variety of products to pull customers in. This display has an wider bottom level for more merchandising room, is available in 3 different lengths, and is great for general merchandise used alone or as an endcap.


Part Number: CW362402L

The Wide Two Step display stands at just 24" tall and a total width of 36". There are two tiers with an overlap of 4" from the top tier to the bottom tier. The top shelf is 16" deep and the bottom shelf is 24" deep for more merchandising space. The display comes in three different lengths 36", 66", 96". The smaller footprint of the Two Step display makes it the perfect addition to any tight space, up against a wall or put two back to back to make a flexible Pyramid Display. Take advantage of vertical merchandising space, keep sightlines open and showcase the full color and variety of products to pull shoppers in. Build out an entire garden center or use as a "show stopper" in high traffic areas.

  • Width (in): 36
  • Length (in): 36
  • Height (in): 24
  • Levels: 2
  • Top Type: Grid
  • Mobile: No

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