Five Step Display PHP DIY Retrofit Kit

Our Five Step Pyramid PHP DIY Retrofit Kit is designed to permanently upgrade your existing Five Step Pyramid into the perfect merchandising solution for your hanging baskets. This DIY kit includes the entire Plant Hanger Plus and legs needed, with instructions for updating the panels you already have into the ones needed for the Plant Hanger Plus system. Save some money in shipping and product cost by drilling out the sockets yourself!


Part Number: five-step-display-php-diy-retrofit-kit

The Five Step Display Plant Hanger Plus DIY Retrofit Kit allows you to upgrade your existing Five Step Pyramid into a hanging basket merchandising solution. Simply pick the length of your current display and the kit will come with all of the PHP pieces. Follow the included instructions to drill out the correct sockets in your existing panels.

  • Width (in): 63
  • Length (in): 36, 66, 96
  • Height (in): 84
  • Top Type: Grid
  • Mobile: No

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