5 Step Plant Hanger Plus Mobile Pyramid 36x63x90

Our Benchmaster™ Five Step Plant Hanger Plus Mobile Pyramid gets your product on the move. Create an impactful merchandising program that is as flexible as your space demands and easily move the display indoors or out throughout the season.


Part Number: SC367205P

Our Standard Five Step Plant Hanger Plus Pyramid permanently integrates our unique hanging basket system with our Five Step Pyramid. This display is available in three lengths. The 36" long PHP can hold up to 9 hanging baskets, the 66" long PHP can hold up to 18 hanging baskets, and the 96" long PHP can hold up to 27 hanging baskets. Each shelf is 16" wide with a 4" overlap and the tiered configuration takes advantage of vertical merchandising space. The entire display is 63" wide and the tallest shelf stands at 42". The center of the Plant Hanger Plus system is 84" tall and the front and back are 76" tall, staggering your hanging baskets from front to back to allow maximum visibility. Our caster bar system allows you to easily move the entire display indoors and out.

  • Width (in): 63
  • Length (in): 36
  • Height (in): 90
  • Levels: 5
  • Top Type: Grid
  • Mobile: Yes

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