The Four Pillars Resource Guide

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Looking Toward the Future

With the final four pillars constructed for retailer’s, we take a minute to reflect on the series and lessons learned. The pillars are metaphorical ideas that should be used as rough guidelines in crafting your store for success. As the future of retail rapidly speeds toward that of an experiential destination, this guide is meant to help retailer’s shift their brands along the trendy path. From the pillars to real-life examples, the guide incorporates the best tips SPC has to offer to help make your location a true destination for shoppers everywhere.

Click to download the full PDF here: 4 Pillars Resource

1. Community Builders

The first pillar of community, offered insight about unifying consumers through practices and group experiences. As retail moves toward specialty-retail, living and experiential combination environments, store’s must offer more. Following Apple’s example, consider adjusting the layout for more community building with social space areas. Offering group classes or creating “member’s clubs” are other great tactics to bring people together and generate a positive identity for your brand.

2. What an Experience!

The main idea of the series was that retail is becoming experiential. What does that mean, exactly? Consumers no longer just want to stop and shop, now they expect an experience from an establishment. Whether you offer classes, sampling or have the funds to provide Virtual Reality (VR) walk throughs, be prepared to bring the WOW! factor.

The task seems daunting, especially for small businesses with limited space and funding. But fear not, for the SPC resource guide provides tips about opening your layout,  display designs and incorporating pop-up stations that satisfy those experiential cravings.

BonTon created a pop-up toy land that became an Instagram sensation to the delight of shoppers across the nation.

3. Let’s get Sociable

Here’s a wacky thought, get people talking about your brand and drive connections within your location. The third pillar, socialization, works with the other pillars to generate conversations amongst your audience. Whether through a social media campaign like the toy land or by following the lead of Horrock’s Market, where groceries are accompanied by a dine-in bar, offer experiences that get people talking!

4. Destination Station

That final pillar, destination, encourages retailers to make their stores into places people WANT to travel to. The example best known for its in-store qualities is IKEA. Consider their layout, the food-court availability and massive product selection. Small businesses can still follow this concept by offering unique experiences or brand promotions that keep people coming back. The idea is to have something different in your store that stands out from other locations. Whether that iconic emblem be a display or social piece, tell your story in a way that invites shoppers back to be part of each new chapter.

Retailer’s be Ready

This series attempted to give samples, explore display options and provide insight into the tomorrow of the retail world. The biggest take-away is the focus on providing experience. By combing the four pillars and borrowing elements from other leaders in the industry, your store can be ready for everything that lies ahead. Consider what you offer and how you can take your brand to the next level through layouts, storytelling and community building for a successful market.

Thank you for reading our blog and please continue to follow SPC Retail for more industry tips and display offers. The retail world is always changing, let us help you keep up with it!

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