SPC Displays Help Retailers Pop-Up Anywhere

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At the age of 19, Josh York began stitching his name into beanies and selling them at concerts. After his first 40 or 50 sales, Josh realized that he could not only put a little extra cash in his pocket but could also give back to his community at the same time. As a result, Josh soon began giving away one beanie to Detroit’s homeless for every beanie he sold, and the York Project was born.

Josh knew he wanted to do more than merely sell his beanies at concerts. In addition to his online store, he wanted a way to reach customers cost-effectively. However, he knew his eventual store would need an immediacy that a traditional brick-and-mortar location wouldn’t be able to give him.

Enter: the pop-up store.

You’re Not Just Paying a Price

The York Project is just one of the retailers that SPC has supplied with pop-up modular displays.

Through years of working with numerous retailers at both large and small scales, SPC understands the importance of cost-effective displays. We have designed our fixtures in a classic black style that can be used time and again. In fact, they have all been weather tested and proven to last for over 25 years of indoor and outdoor use.

Pop-ups are a thriving trend that creates an emotional chapter in the story of your brand. We want to be a character in your story — yet we also want you to remain the star. This is why our affordable fixtures were created to blend into your store and not take center stage.

Just Right!

Our displays are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The black color has been blended directly into the plastic and never needs painting or special maintenance. Because of this dedication to quality, we have worked with brand-name retailers, such as Bon-Ton.

Our team will adapt the Kit-of-Parts to fit your ideas. We’ve transformed our fixtures to support a variety of applications, including flower stands, patio sets on risers and even a working clock!

We bring your brand to life with displays that keep products at eye level. We can even incorporate graphics for added brand promotions. Our fixtures can easily be moved or altered by retailers for future uses.

SPC, Your Fairy Godmother: A True Story

Since its conception, the York Project has taken off. The young elites working at York now design and sell streetwear, with profits going toward donations for the Detroit homeless population.

SPC was honored to help the York team create their story. Through custom step and hanging displays, we helped York transform their brand into a reality. York’s clothing was displayed at different heights. Some pieces were folded and leveled, while others were left fully hanging. The displays were accompanied by graphics to remind customers of the new brand.

Together, SPC and York Project designed a pop-up shop that told a story using an urban theme. Our goal was to help them sell the apparel and grow their name in their pursuit of aiding others.

SPC is dedicated to the retailers and will work to create the perfect display pop-ups regardless of location, space or product variances.

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