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This year, Retail Environments has selected SPC Retail to take part in their Big Ideas issue. The goal was to give industry experts a platform for the free flow of ideas that can help propel the retail industry forward.

The full article will provide you unique and innovative ideas for various aspects of retail such as fixtures, signage, digital integrations, and customer experiences. At SPC we firmly believe that the in-store retail environment is changing and retailers need to provide a customer-centric shopping experience that is both convenient and inspiring.  That is why our BIG IDEA is to create focal areas within your store that will stop shoppers in their tracks and give shoppers a reason to shop your stores and not exclusively online.

The in-store retail environment is changing. Provide a customer-centric shopping experience. Click To Tweet


WHAT IF we transform existing space into “Brand Soul” connectors?

Competition for the almighty dollar is fierce. Retailers must accommodate smart phones, internet shopping, mail-order catalogs, and popup shops. Consumers are time-pressed, visual beings who shop multiple channels of retail. They vote with their wallet and will shop where they’re celebrated, not simply tolerated.

Today’s chain retailers have tens of thousands of stores already built at a size and scale for yesterday’s shopper. An opportunity exists for retailers to transform existing space to create “Brand Soul” connectors. This is a strategy to build deeper, more meaningful, and personal connections with shoppers using quick, easy, and affordable displays to storytell, educate, and show product to its fullest potential at key areas such as front of store, high-traffic perimeter, and seasonal areas.

The good old days of “stack it high, sell it low, and they will come” are long gone. Today’s store layout needs to include Brand Soul connectors in key areas throughout the store to give retailers total store connectivity.  Fun, informative product stories should lead customers on an experiential shopping adventure. This can refresh, revitalize, and even reposition retailers for success.

Create a One-Stop Shop that has everything your shopper would want or need. This strategy works well with multiple forms of merchandise and can easily transition from one season to the next.

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