Pop-up Series Part 1

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Marketing Your Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up stores (or short-term retail locations of large corporate chains or smaller boutiques) are a great way to create buzz for your business. Yet your pop-up is only as good as the attention it receives. If no one knows your pop-up exists, you’ll never get any traction.

Local Pop-Up Shop

There are two main types of pop-up stores: homegrown stores and product brands.

Homegrown Stores:

Smaller retailers use pop-ups to create temporary shops at events or in partnership with other flagship stores to help build their brand. Pop-ups can help to generate excitement and buzz about a brand while adding a little mystery to the product line.

The large-scale retailer, BonTon, utilized an in-store pop-up strategy to promote the iconic F.A.O Schawrz brand over the holiday season. Partnering with SPC Retail, displays were designed and arranged to create a toy land focal piece. The fixtures were a smash hit with children and adults alike, becoming an Instagram sensation that further promoted the brand during the pop-up’s short lifespan. Overall, the temporary shop increased foot traffic and sales for the season.

Product Brands:

Product brands also use pop-ups in their marketing strategies. This second tactic creates a corporate strategy where brands rent a temporary location for sales or events to promote their brand.

One great example of such a pop-up shop is the St. Ives pop-up in SoHo, New York City. The pop-up was quoted as being, “a place where the Millennial shopper is out and about and seeking new trends, and wanting to try new things, and open to new experiences.”

What did St. Ives do correctly? They merely targeted millennials by providing an experience with an underlying reward to promote brand awareness. Many pop-ups feature sales, memberships or free samples to encourage customers (especially millennials) to get excited about a brand.

Media Marketing Strategy

Yet what makes a pop-up successful? Can you simply open a temporary retail location anywhere in the world and expect the same results as St. Ives? Probably not. You can count on your pop-up to bring you fresh business if you follow five marketing strategy tips.

1. Consider the life cycle of the pop-up

Pop-ups aren’t forever. You don’t open a pop-up and expect it will still be around in several years. In fact, pat of the appeal of a pop-up is that it is only around for a set amount of time.

2. Choose your hashtags wisely

Choose five hashtags to use during the duration of your pop-up and stick to them like the fashion plague. This allows for variety in your posts and increases chances of trending amongst different audience groups.

3. Create social media buzz

This might include Facebook, email campaigns, blog posts and contests. Another SoHo pop-up native, M&M launched M&M’s World in 2015. The pop-up hosted events and promoted Instagram-selfie discounts to create brand buzz.

4. Create a pop-up campaign

If you can get media buzz about your pop-up, then do it. Media buzz moves faster than word-of-mouth. It can also help you stay in the spotlight much longer. Different from social media, consider employing brand ambassadors or recruiting news reporters to cover your pop-up.

5. Keep posting

Don”™t stop posting about your pop-up on social media; this is the follow through portion. Keep the fun going by posting photos of your customers and thanking everyone who made your pop-up a reality even after the campaign ends. Share a final coupon for visitors to take advantage of one last time.

Focus on Me

Your temporary displays must be as fabulous as any long-term displays in your store. In fact, your pop-up displays need to wow your customers even quicker than your in-store displays.

Your displays need to coincide with your brand image while ensuring they don’t overcrowd your compact space. It’s a good idea to work with a company that understands the subtle nuances of brand management in small spaces. Utilizing high shelves and low racks can help achieve this. You should purchase branded display signage to use in your retail locations after your pop-up store is long gone.

To create brand promotional success, check out SPC Retail for a variety of fixtures to fit any pop-up location.

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