NEW PRODUCT: Tilt-Top Display System and Retrofit Kit

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A New Slant on Live Goods Merchandising

The Tilt-Top Display System and Retrofit Kit provides 27% more product visibility.

The Tilt-Top Display System and Retrofit Kit, a new product offering in the Benchmaster™ product line, is designed to transform standard Benchmaster™ grid-top benching into an inclined display, delivering premium product presentation for live goods applications.

“The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit is an innovative no-tool solution that easily integrates with most 2-foot wide Benchmaster™ panels to create a variety of engaging focal displays, feature ends, stepped, and pyramid slant table configurations that are sure to catch a customer’s eye,” said Harry Newton, Sales and Marketing Director. “By positioning product at a 15-degree slant, retailers can showcase the colorful and natural beauty of flora to its fullest potential ““ improving product visibility by an average of 27%.”

By incorporating the Tilt-Top Display System or Retrofit Kit, retailers can now utilize a merchandising strategy that has been practiced by grocery, drug, and specialty retailers for decades. Research by Raymond Burke of Indiana University Bloomington indicates that when shoppers are browsing, a product’s shelf position, appearance, and presentation are essential to engaging shoppers.

“Today, retailers are no longer measured by the old store metric of sales per square foot,” explains Newton. “Instead, more emphasis needs to be placed on creating inspiration per square foot. Product visibility and learning opportunities for customers are key elements that support this initiative.”

With the commonality of flat horizontal product presentation in the live goods industry, the addition of a slant using the Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit will create an eye-catching focal point and make it easier for customers to interact with the product, thus leading to a more engaging shopping experience and increased sales.

The Tilt-Top Retrofit Kit includes the Tilt-Adapters, Front Edges, and Attachment clips needed to retrofit any 24-inch wide panels in lengths of 36-, 66-, and 96-inch display system, starting at $41.58 through and select distributors. To take advantage of special introductory pricing or for more information, please visit or call 800-523-6899.

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