Eliminate Inconsistencies

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Client: Gordon Food Service (GFS)


GFS wanted to update produce fixtures to eliminate inconsistencies with ineffective displays that are flimsy, easily damaged, and immobile.

Project Scope:

The project scope demanded produce displays which met the following requirements:

  • Durable displays that could hold heavy bulk produce items.
  • Mobile displays that could be repositioned as needed.
  • Displays that could be used in various store layouts.
  • Storage space for over-flow of product.
  • A cost-efficient design solution that stays within budget.
Summer BBQ display at Gordon Food Service.


  • A cluster of fixtures which included tilt-top displays, single-level benching, and half-round end caps created a more concise look and organized produce for enhanced shoppability.
  • Integration of casters allowed for easy mobility of larger displays.
  • The uniform look and strong modular design support a variety of merchandise, allowing the flexibility to accommodate changes in seasonal produce items.
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