5 Ways to Connect and Capture Shopper’s Attention

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When retailers want to gain traction with store visitors they use a tactic known as visual marketing. Successful visual marketing doesn’t require a big budget – just some creativity in using things that are native to your store. It may be that a better name for visual marketing is sensory marketing, as visual marketing takes in more than just what customers see. Visual marketing also deals with other senses than sight, but also appeal to touch, sound and smell. The latest addition to the armory of visual marketing is virtual reality. This post will offer some tips and thoughts about visual marketing.

1. Change Your Color Palette

Sight is the most obvious sense that retailers appeal to and while your store and brand colors should not change, how merchandise is displayed should. One example is to use color palettes that follow the seasons. These seasons can be only the four seasons that change per the calendar or seasons that change based on holidays. For example, when spring comes, use a light color palette filled with greens, yellows and other colors that suggest things are in bloom. For Christmas, traditional colors of the season are green, red and white – use them and some decorations and you help consumers get into the mood to shop at your retail business.

2. Make Good Use of Point-of-Sale Displays

One of the most important locations in your retail shop is the space next to the cash register or checkout point. In fact, these displays are called “point-of-sale” (POS) displays. While some smaller retailers use manufacturer supplied POS displays, successful, more aggressive retailers use POS displays they created with the help of SPC Retail. By using custom-made durable displays, they gain more display space that is designed and organized for displaying products the retailer wants – they might show items on special or clearance or smaller, high-value items.

3. Rearrange Your Layout

Customers who are frequent visitors to your shop like to see things a little differently when they visit. While it is a good idea to keep your general layout the same – that is, if your store is segmented by departments, keep them in the same area – but you might change things on display tables from shirts to pants and then give them over to sweaters all within one department. This allows for your customers to know where things are and still experience surprise within the department(s) they go into.

4. Embrace Technology

Technology has arrived on the sales floor! Touchscreen displays are becoming ubiquitous in retail stores. They appeal to your customer’s desire to learn more about a product or service you offer. Touchscreens appeal to sight and sound senses and help close sales.

5. Smell Good!

Smells play a larger than anticipated role in merchandising than one might think. The best example are the smells associated with a bakery – fresh bread or scratch cookies give off a symphony of odors that crescendos with a sale.

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