McKay’s Hardware Do it center®


A husband and wife hardware store team wanted to expand their customer base and attract new customers by offering seasonal live goods products.  They saw an opportunity to cut shoppers off at the pass as they traveled past their store on their way to a Big-Box Garden Center located across town.  Their hardware store had an extensive lawn & garden product selection and expertise, but lacked experience in the care, maintenance and merchandising of live goods products, and they had a limited capital budget to start up and build a live goods business.


SPC Retail® worked with the owners to develop a “Pop-Up Live Goods” store and strategy for their parking lot area.  First, we conducted an Opportunity Assessment of the store’s location, roadside views, traffic patterns, and live goods product mix.  We anticipated a need for expansion and contraction of the area as products sold throughout the season.  The owners obtained a permit for a 20’ x 30’ canopy in the store’s parking lot area for a period of 6-weeks.  The layout and displays consisted of easy, no tool assembly multi-level tables, tiered displays, workbenches and eye-catching mobile hanging basket step displays.   The entire “Pop-Up” store area was set-up in under 8-hours.  The displays enabled beautiful live goods presentations and storage space for over-stock live goods products.  And, we integrated a watering and maintenance solution via our Waterbed Self-Watering Display System.


Sales of live goods during the first year in business were double projected sales and the owners achieved a 20% lift in live goods sales during the second year in operation.  Overall, the store has increased customer traffic (mostly female), and generated an entirely new revenue stream by opening up the temporary live goods business.  After successful implementing the temporary parking lot live goods program for three years, the owners were able to open a permanent live goods nursery on the lot next to their hardware store.  Today, the hardware store flourishes and continues to attract new shoppers with their unique mix of high-quality seasonal live goods products sold throughout the year.

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