H-E-B Grocery, Inc. is a large regional grocery store chain with 600+ stores varying in size, type/format, and architecture based on locale, demographics and time period of store construction.  The H-E-B team identified an opportunity to generate additional revenue and sales by expanding their successful lawn and garden department and nursery store brand, Texas Backyard.  H-E-B challenged us to create a plan and strategy for a roll out program of live goods displays in the front entry area (Front Porch) of select grocery stores. The displays needed to be sized and fitted to work with varying building envelopes and spaces and the program had to be easy to assemble, durable and reusable for multiple years, season after season.


H-E-B has used our displays in their stores for years in lawn and garden, power aisles and special seasonal promotional areas.  We recommended H-E-B use displays that were familiar and similar to what they had been using in their Texas Backyard nursery stores and lawn and garden areas, but sized to fit a range of available space.   We used standard stock parts and components to keep it simple and affordable. The H-E-B Front Porch program was well received by customers and was a huge success.  Last year we retrofitted 300+ stores and H-E-B is planning to expand and roll out live goods in additional stores next year.


The results and success of the H-E-B Front Porch live goods program illustrates the potential that exists for retailers to step out/expand to the outside and/or vestibule areas to generate add-on sales.

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