Fantastic Gardens Aruba


Fantastic Gardens was interested in creating a park-like setting for its new nursery located on the island of Aruba. The displays had a blend in with a park-like setting as well as be attractive, mobile, flexible, and adaptable to seasonal events and product features. They especially had to be long-lasting and durable to the corrosive, salt air of Aruba.


We worked with the Fantastic Gardens owner to outline the vision for Fantastic Gardens and began the design and layout process with bubble diagram studies depicting product categories, adjacency studies, traffic flow, views, merchandising requirements and vision for creating focal points of interest and the park like setting.  Our thirty years experience providing Nursery and Garden Center layout & design and specialization in the design of live goods displays of all size, type and style provided us all the necessary tools and resources to create an award winning design for Fantastic Gardens.


Fantastic Gardens was a great success and the owner continues to expand and grow his business. They have purchased additional product and displays that easily plug in and look at place with the older fixtures purchased years before.  Our displays are made with a heavy duty and durable recycled plastic, and they continue to look like new, year after year, even after being exposed to the harsh salty air of Aruba.   

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