Circle K


Circle K needed a narrow, durable, and effective display for their corporate-driven outdoor merchandising program that was created to increase sales, seasonal product visibility, and front porch aesthetics of stores. Circle K recognized an opportunity to use the front of store sidewalk selling space to drive traffic in-store and increase sales. 


SPC Retail® created a narrow 3-step wall display with a custom j-channel sign holder feature at the base to accommodate slide-in promotional product signage that can be changed out seasonally throughout the year. The displays are boxed individually, can be shipped directly to stores via UPS, and set up in minutes without the need for tools by store-level Circle K team members. 


Over the past three years, Circle K has rolled out their SPC Retail® outdoor merchandising program displays to 900+ stores. The program has been a huge success and they continue to expand the program across U.S. stores and Canada. Canada is now testing a new narrower display for the Mac’s C-Store banner. The displays give customers plenty of room to walk/shop the sidewalk and work well for merchandising bottled water, windshield washer fluid, and firewood, as well as give more of a defined and organized front porch selling space to the front of the store. The modular, extra heavy-duty, multi-purpose design and construction of the multi-level displays have a projected life expectancy of 10+years and can be left outside exposed to the elements without care or maintenance. Most locations use three to six displays per store depending on front porch sidewalk space. Increased sales resulting from Circle K’s outdoor merchandising program continues to fuel additional rollouts of the outdoor merchandising program across the U.S. and Canada. 

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