About Our Process

SPC Retail® is not like conventional fixture manufacturers. Our experienced design lab team works with retailers to create strategic merchandising solutions that help them get a bigger slice of the retail pie. Our kit-of-parts system enables us to quickly design and build displays to integrate with your brand and selling space, to ultimately improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Opportunity Assessment

Our design lab team will brainstorm and conduct an opportunity assessment to identify missed opportunities, establish project goals and objectives, and define scope and parameters.

  • Identify missed opportunities

    We gather all the information we’ve collected from our survey and use it to point out areas that can be approved upon or sales opportunities that can be capitalized on.

  • Identify goals and objectives

    Based on the opportunities and challenges presented, we establish the goals of the project, and what future outcomes will make it successful.

  • Define parameters and scope

    Next, we define in written form the individual problems to solve, and determine the scope of the project.

Our display solutions maximize store performance.

Our patented kit-of-parts system is the key ingredient that enables us to quickly and affordably create display solutions that make a lasting impact at a great value. It allows retailers to take advantage of whatever opportunity or challenge that may arise in their stores and to adapt and succeed in the ever-changing and competitive retail marketplace.

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