Platform Risers: Product Case Study

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Platform Risers: Product Case Study

Product Case Study: Platform Risers

Platform risers are one of the best retail store fixtures to invest in. They get your merchandise noticed at first glance. They help bring the focal point exactly to where you need it to be, organize your space more efficiently, and double as a way to block out portions of your retail store that you would like to keep less visible.

Let’s look at some specific ways that platform risers can help you set your products up, resulting in a better customer experience and higher sales.

We Raise You Up with Better Display Stands

1. Define

Risers have the ability to better define products in your store. By bringing a product up off of the floor and giving it its own riser, you lift it up and into clearer view. This is especially helpful for heavy products that you would like to promote. For example, a bulky grill and charcoal set up can be fixed onto a platform riser, raising it up off the floor.

2. Create

If your retail store lacks some space, a riser can create the illusion of a more spacious floor and display area. If you would like to promote a particular holiday setup, you can raise just that part of your store, bringing the focal point to the place it needs to be—whether centralized, on the side of your setup, or visible through your store window.

3. Protect

Durable risers should be able to withstand movement. You need to anticipate what may happen if customers accidentally step on the platform riser. Shoes, carts, and other factors can break merchandise. A rogue cartwheel may be responsible for doing damage to your product. But having a riser protects the merchandise while keeping it out of harms way.

So You Can Stand on Mountains

At Walmart, platform risers were the perfect display piece to solve a merchandise problem. Walmart had patio sets and children outdoor play sets assembled on the floors and outside ‘front porch’ areas. These playsets were taking up space and creeping into other displays.


The platform risers offered an affordable and reusable solution by bringing the weighted items up to eye level, keeping them off the ground. This, in turn, protected the merchandise from being damaged by carts and from children climbing on them. Further, the risers offered graphic incorporation around the base of the modular. With colors and logos to fit the displays, the SPC risers helped to tie in the brand soul of the company to the products showcased.

Wind Beneath Your Wings (Risers Beneath Your Displays)

“These risers do not replace your pallets”, says SPC sales representative Mike Giampetroni. “They are meant to complement your merchandise by acting as multipurpose displays. Walmart utilizes the platform risers in numerous ways, and our product has aided them in displaying a variety of merchandise for over 25 years.”

Stores often use pallets for their displays, but these tend to be inconsistent in look (they may be wood or plastics) and may have already suffered damage during shipping and travel.

SPC risers, on the other hand, create a defined display area to showcase your merchandise. They are cost efficient in their adaptability and sustainability over time, through the elements, and with the addition of legs for an emphasized look. After being used for a seasonal sale such as the playsets, retailers could easily transition into creating holiday themes with trees and decor on display using the same risers-SPC is dedicated to our clients, saving them time and money.

Get to Know The SPC Difference

Consider your retail store fixtures, space, and your products. What are your needs, and what type of experience do you envision for your customers?


When setting up a store display, you must decide whether you want to have your merchandise on the floor or at the customer’s eye level.

The SPC plastic risers are an essential tool for optimal displays. They create focal points efficiently for a better visual effect.

We are not replacing your pallets, but we are simply integrating your brand soul design and coordinating your displays to achieve the best impact on customers, resulting in higher sales. Think of these risers as an investment for all of your hard work. You can learn more about risers and our many other, versatile displays by clicking to

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