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Global Shop 2017 Look Book

Attendees of Global Shop heard a lot of discussions regarding how experience in retail defines and shapes the value of the brand. It has become abundantly clear that Brick & Mortar stores need to adapt the shopper’s journey by offering them personalized and engaging experiences. Nowadays, these techniques are revolutionizing how shoppers learn about and interact with products.

Global Shop 2017 Look Book

At Global Shop we showcased the extreme ease and versatility of our displays by changing out the product and theme of merchandise on our displays from one day to the next. With the help of 5 SPC staff members and 1 hour of time we were able to take our Outdoor Adventure “Pop-Up” shop and transform it into a one-stop shop for Pets.

Throughout this book you will see each display type and how we transitioned graphics, props, and merchandise from day to day.

Global Shop Look Book 2017

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